Is My Family at Risk of Radiation Exposure?

With all the talk today about nuclear ballistic missiles, coupled with real terrorist threats in our country and around the world, radiation exposure is a real concern.

The wisest course of action is to understand how radiation affects the body and what measures can be taken now to minimize that risk. Here are some questions you can ask that will help you better understand the issue:

Q1: Do I Live in an Area of the World That Places Me and My Family in Danger of Radioactivity?

Any person who lives or travels near a nuclear reactor has the potential of being exposed to radiation if the reactor fails. The world looked on in horror as the nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan, failed and leaked radioactivity into the air and contaminated the ocean water with radioactive isotopes.

On the website, you will find a map of the nuclear reactors in the United States. However, with nuclear missile proliferation in countries that have unstable and aggressive regimes, everyone in the world is in potential danger of nuclear fallout.

Q2: Are There Any Measures I Can Take to be Ready Against Radiation Exposure?

One of the first measures a family should take is to have potassium iodide on hand. Potassium iodide (KI) is a chemical compound that can be taken as a medication to protect the thyroid from absorbing radiation.

Q3: How Does Potassium Iodide Work to Protect Me from Radiation Poisoning?

Under normal circumstances, the thyroid absorbs iodine in order to function properly. Iodine is a mineral often found in salt and some of the foods we eat. Radiation contains radioactive iodine. The thyroid gland cannot tell the difference between radioactive iodine and the safe iodide found in the potassium iodide tablets. Once the thyroid absorbs potassium iodide, there is no room for the radioactive iodine so the thyroid refuses to take it in. This is a smart radiation prevention measure you can easily take. Under radioactive conditions, the amount of iodine found in salt and foods is not sufficient to protect the thyroid from radioactive injury.

Q4: Why Is It So Important to Protect the Thyroid Gland?

A properly working thyroid gland is vital to normal living. Since the thyroid is designed to take in iodine in order to function properly, it will accept radioactive iodine without recognizing that this form of iodine is harmful. Radiation absorbed by the thyroid will destroy the gland and the body’s ability to function normally.

Q5: When Should I Take Potassium Iodide?

Normally, you would take this compound/medicine only when advised by the emergency or health team in charge of the emergency radioactive situation.

However if communications are cut off and you cannot hear the instructions, take one tablet of potassium iodide when you first believe that you have been exposed to radiation. Don’t hesitate. The sooner the thyroid receives this protective supplement, the better. There are no advantages to waiting.

A person is best protected with the stable potassium iodide if:
• A tablet is taken quickly after he is exposed to radiation
• The potassium iodine is absorbed quickly by the body
• The person takes the right dosage of non-expired potassium iodine (1 tablet or up to 3 tablets (1 tablet each day) if exposed to radiation for several days)

Q6: Can Children and Infants Be Administered Potassium Iodide?

Yes. In the event of exposure to radiation from a reactor or war, Follow the dosage directions provided with the tablet to a child or infant. Do not repeat the dose unless instructed to by a qualified healthcare professional.

Q7: Can I Overdose on Potassium Iodide?

In order for a person to overdose on potassium iodide, he would have to take the recommended dosage for several weeks. Using potassium iodide to protect the thyroid from the effects of radiation does not require weeks of treatment. Typically, one tablet is all a person needs to have maximum protection.

If a person is exposed to radiation for more than 24 hours, he may be instructed by the emergency management team assigned to deal with the radiation to take one pill for two or three days. Follow their instructions carefully.

In particular, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding and infants should be very cautious about taking more than one dose. Please refer to the warnings that have come with your tablets. If complications occur stop use and ask a doctor.

Q8: Where Can I Purchase Potassium Iodide?

The best place to get this life-saving compound/medication is from the website.

Not only will you receive Rare Pills iOSAT(tm) Potassium Iodide, you will qualify to receive emergency alerts if you are in an area where people are being exposed to radiation. You will be alerted to take one dose of your potassium iodide.

In addition, you will receive alerts if your Rare Pills iOSAT(tm) Potassium Iodide tablets are reaching their expiration date and when your stock should be replenished with a fresh supply. Thankfully, we have these simple and responsible measures available to us to be ready against radiation exposure.

So as you see, the possibility of being exposed to radiation is a real threat. If a reactor leaks or a missile is launched, it will be impossible to escape the area in time to avoid exposure to radioactivity. Taking radiation prevention measures are vital to long term survival. Having potassium iodide on hand to administer to yourself and your family can protect the gland in the body – the thyroid – that will soak up radioactive iodide if it is not first provided with safe potassium iodide.

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